Rigless Plug & Abandonment

CES Standard P&A Spreads Consists of:

  • 10,000 PSI RoughRider Pump
  • 3 50’ Discharge Hoses with Basket
  • 4 8’ Suction Hoses with Basket Gas Buster
  • 36 bbl Cement Blender with 2 Cement Screens
  • Double Drum Electric/Slick Line Unit
  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Electric Line Tool Box
  • Slick Line Tool Box
  • Oxygen &Acetylene Rack
  • Pin Recorder
  • 100 bbl Tank

Each of our 15 P&A Spread Teams Include:

  • Team Supervisor
  • Pump Operator
  • Electric Line Operator
  • Slick Line Operator
  • Helper
Whether from inland or offshore locations – from multi-well platforms, or liftboats, or barges, Crescent Energy Services has conducted thousands of permanent and temporary well interventions and abandonments, safely and efficiently. From project engineering & planning to permit application and pre and post-job cost analysis, our in-house project managers and engineers ensure that the job will be done the right way – the first time.
P & A equipment

What once required the use of a derrick, cementing & electric line services, and numerous rental items from a variety of services companies, Crescent Energy Services now brings all of these company owned well decommissioning equipment items together in one single spread for the most efficient method of plugging your wells.  Being the largest provider of P&A services in the Gulf of Mexico, Crescent Energy Services can operate as many as ten P&A spreads – simultaneously.

marine well decommissioning

In addition to its downhole services, Crescent Energy Services has perfected its own, internal abrasive cutting system enabling it to cut multi string conductors at the required 10 or 15’ below mudline level. 

Using its own high pressure pumps, abrasive injection vessels and turning tables, Crescent Energy Services can direct a high pressure mixture of abrasive material and water with pin point accuracy to cut up to 20” casing strings – at the desired depth – completing the final phase of well abandonment.