Related Services

Sidetrack Prep & Slot Recovery

For locations where a customer wishes to use a previous bore hole, Crescent Energy Services can enter the bore hole, pump cement to seal off the prior hole and can set a whipstock into the hold to allow a sidetrack to be drilled.  Our process, available onshore and offshore in Gulf locations, is cheaper than using a rig.

We also provide slot recovery services to plug and cement a well, remove casing and conductor from mudline to surface, and then run new conductor to allow a new bore hole to be drilled.

While the processes are straightforward, our experience in performing hundreds of operations helps ensure the fastest preparation of the site and in the safest manner possible.

By utilizing existing infrastructure on your site to support new drilling alongside plugged and abandoned bore holes, the cost and time savings to your project can be significant.

Cost Management

Let’s face it. Time equals money and keeping cost under control is the name of the business we’re both in.   Working on a time/materials basis, our goal is “no big surprises” when it comes to the cost of the project.  Our turn-key work is built around giving you one price for the entire job so that you know what to expect up front.

Our team works hand in hand with project management to ensure that the work done on-site is performed as efficiently and effectively as possible. We coordinate our work within our team and with other 3rd party vendors as part of our overall project management.  This eliminates redundant or duplicated efforts and cuts down on project time by fully utilizing the resources on location.  

Because we can muster our teams to be ready to leave our doors and move to your location within six hours of your call, our lead time is short in our ability to begin work on your project.   Our support trucking vendors enhance our rapid deployment service and their proximity to our Belle Chase location puts them on our grounds almost immediately upon your call.

For us, that means we are ready when you are. For you, that means the job gets done faster.  Simple!

Project Management 

Here at Crescent we understand what it takes to properly run an operation. Because of this understanding we have available to our clients a number of support resources that can be utilized. Specializing in not only field operations here at Crescent, we also have available engineers, logistic coordinators, and on-site project coordination giving our clients as much support as may be necessary to exceed their expectations.

Along with our support teams our operations team works hand in hand with our clients, addressing any and all concerns that may arise as well as making recommendations to any unforeseen well problems.

These various tools, available to all our clients, can be utilized to assist with all your decommissioning needs. 


Since we began business in 2001, we’ve operated out of our Belle Chase, Louisiana headquarters.  From this location, we have the ability to quickly serve the entire Gulf Coast crescent with the ability to put one of our crews in the field and on their way to your job site in as little as six hours.

Utilizing three 18 wheelers or low boys available to us for quick “load and go” of equipment plus one for supplies, we’re four hours away from any Louisiana port of embarkation, including Cameron.  Reaching into other gulf coast destinations is only a matter of additional travel time.   

For rapid work or crew changes or other unexpected needs, we have a fleet of various trucks for hotshot, crew change or fast worksite access.

We understand the need for being on the project location as quickly as possible ready to do the job you need.   Contact us 24/7 and we’ll be where you want us to be at the time you need us there.