Marine & Inland Operations

Crescent Energy Services can field teams both offshore across the Gulf of Mexico and inland at locations with water access as shallow as 2-4’. 


marine decommissioning bargeFor inland projects, our company-owned fully self-contained 120’ work barge with a 60’ crane grants you the versatility of handling decommissioning projects far removed from the Outer Continental Shelf. This barge allows us the ability to gain access to most inland sites quickly and easily.  Full self-containment includes accommodations for up to 12 crew members and 2 company representatives. This allows our barge to stay on the job location continuously, and that means getting the job done with greater efficiency.


 Crescent’s inland barge is fully capable of closing in on your well structure and initiating all needed P&A, Sidetrack Prep, and  Slot Recovery operations almost immediately upon arrival. Owning our own decommissioning barge gives us a unique tool to serve you with greater proficiency.    

well decommissioning barge