Internal Abrasive Cutting

When it comes to removal of conductors at a well location, we really can cut it!

Using our company-owned internal abrasive cutting equipment, we streamline the well removal process by being able to cut from within the tubular / multi-string conductors rather than having to externally remove material below the mudline using divers and other cutting processes.  Internal abrasive cutting is more efficient, more cost-effective and safer. 

internal abrasive equipmentinternal abrasive processinternal abrasive tong work

We use a 10,000 PDSI RR pump in our cutting and typically cut an additional 5’ below the required 15’ below mud depth in Federal waters and the required 10’ below mud depth in inland waters.  Our cuts can be made to multi-string conductors with or without grout.  This process has an additional benefit of being environmentally friendly.