Health Safety & Evironmental Quality

If it can’t be done safely, we won’t do it. 
If it takes place in the natural environment, we’re on top of it.

We have your interest and that of our employees at stake every time we leave our headquarters to operate at your project site.  Our safety record is exemplary as evidenced by our having full time safety representatives in our employment. The results of this safety culture are therefore self-evident. 

Here at CES our Insurance requirements meet or usually exceed the insurance requirements of our clients, state, and federal regulators.  We have continued to strive toward our goal in achieving operational excellence. Safety has and always will be the main focus of any operation in which we are involved.  

Our people know their job.  They respect what can go wrong and they are trained to do the job the right way, the safe way.  After all, they want to go back home to their families and friends the same way they arrived on location.

CES fully recognizes the value of maintaining an integrated Safety and Environmental Management Services (SEMS) for its customers who operate in the Gulf of Mexico and inland waters.  We are committed to requiring that the program elements of SEMS are properly documented and available at field and/or office locations.