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IM-IV Barge

Crescent Energy Services' IM-IV Barge Specifications and Features:


Dimensions:  100’ by 48’
3,500 SF Clear Deck Space
6” containment rail on forward half of deck
20' x 10' Key-Way w/ Cover


800 gallon capacity

Potable Water

10,000 gallon capacity


Private Company Representative Quarters/Office with Head
Supervisor Quarters with 6 bunks, Desk and Head
Crew Accommodations with 12 bunks and Lockers
Satellite Internet and Phones



Spuds (3)

40’ Spuds
Hydraulic hoist

Generators (2)

Engines: 2 Yanmar 67.2 HP @ 1800 RPM
Generators:  2 50KW Generators


40’ by 8’ Galley and Dining
Complete Galley Appliances
Double Sink
Television w/Direct TV Service
Built in Crew Seating/Dining
Observation Deck w/ Additional Seating
Washer & Dryer

Sewerage Treatment

Red Fox Type II